You will be doing business with an EMCI-certified broker. Certified brokers have followed a specialised training, have more than four years of demonstrable work experience and have passed a skills test. They carry out all financial transactions through an independent escrow account or a notary, and have professional liability insurance.

EMCI-certified yacht brokers are qualified to carry out valuations of boats that are recognised by financial institutions, the tax authorities and courts. As an EMCI-certified broker with more than 30 years of experience I can assist you in the most complicated matters concerning purchase and other issues related to your boat. Moreover, thanks to my thorough knowledge of the market, I know where to find the right yacht for you and can provide you with sound advice.

Some things to consider when looking for a yacht:

What is your desired sailing area?

Who will you be sailing with?

What will you primarily be using the yacht for?

How much service assistance do you need and what can you take care of yourself?

What is your budget? 

How much sailing experience does your crew have?

Do you already have a licence?

Are you looking for a sail boat or a motoryacht? A modern vessel or a classic?

What are your and your crew’s technical wishes?

If you’d like to know more or just wish to exchange ideas, feel free to contact us.

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